Pivotech supplies the DWI-1 , the World's most innovative Overhead Door Monitoring Device.

The DWI-1 greatly enhances the reliability of reversing devices such as pneumatic and electric edge control systems. It can detect obstructions outside of the bottom edge of an overhead door. A broom or pallet left leaning against the track or door can cause the door to reverse to the open position upon coming in contact with the bottom edge, any hinge and/or roller during the doors closing cycle (on doors up to 14 ft wide).

The Garage Door Monitoring Device model DWI-1 also detects a faulty coil or reel cord; the DWI-1 will reverse the door to the open position and hold it there until repairs are made. The DWI-1 can easily be added to new as well as retrofit applications for enhanced coverage to any Overhead Door.

In addition to the DWI-1, we have an optional Side Lock with a built in Disconnect Switch (DWIP-1) that is simple to install and use. It is superior to all existing Side Lock Disconnects and works in unison with the DWI-1.

View the: DWI Video on YouTube

RBQ License #5640-8446-01