Pivotech proudly supplies offers a comprehensive range of Record-USA Automatic and Barrier Free Doors. Record-USA provides swing, slide, and folding door systems that incorporate the latest in automation technology and are aesthetically compatible with all types of applications while providing for ease of installation and dependable operation.

Record-USA incorporates quality materials and craftsmanship and has earned the confidence of architects, general contractors, and end users throughout the world.

Whether the project is a renovation upgrade, new construction, a national account or one of a kind, the automatic door systems engineered by Record-USA will provide years of dependable service.

Hotel Entrance Sliding Door Hotel Entrance Sliding Door Accessible Automatic Door Record-USA Accessible Automatic Door

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Pivotech supplied Automatic and Barrier Free Doors are engineered to the highest industry standards and use superior hardware components. We believe in the strength and durability of our products.

RBQ License #5640-8446-01